What Lens Are Commonly Used In The Industrial Field Include




With the rapid development of industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, vision inspection system is more and more widely used in the industrial field. Visual inspection systems acquire image information of objects through image sensors, and process and analyse it to achieve automated, high-precision detection and identification. For example, in semiconductor chip manufacturing, vision inspection systems are used to detect surface defects and scratches on chips; in automotive manufacturing, vision inspection systems are used to detect dimensional and cosmetic defects in bodies and parts.



The industrial lens plays a crucial role in vision inspection. It is the bridge connecting the image sensor and the measured object, directly affecting the quality of the image and the accuracy of the subsequent processing. When selecting a lens, factors such as focal length, aperture, working distance, and resolution of the lens need to be considered to meet specific inspection needs.



Types of lens commonly used in industry



Telecentric lens is a special kind of industrial lens, which adopts telecentric optical design, which can ensure that the size of the field of view of the object side is proportional to the object distance within a certain object distance range, and it has the advantages of high-precision measurement and small image distortion, so it can accurately measure the size and shape of the object.



Zoom lens is a kind of industrial lens whose magnification can be continuously adjustable within a certain range, which is characterised by high resolution and high contrast, and the magnification of the lens changes without changing the object distance. The zoom lens adopts the infinity optical system, the whole field of view can obtain excellent image quality.



Variable Focal Length FA Lens is a kind of industrial lens that can continuously adjust the focal length, by changing the focal length of the lens to achieve a clear image of objects at different distances. The focal length range of the zoom industrial lens can be selected according to the actual needs, and is suitable for some scenes that need to observe both distant and close objects, such as quality inspection and identification on production lines.



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