When Are Point Light Sources And Telecentric Lenses Used Together?




Vision inspection is an automated inspection method based on machine vision technology, which is widely used in quality inspection, positioning guidance, dimensional measurement and other scenarios on production lines. In vision inspection, lens and light source are two very important components.



The role of the lens is mainly to focus the target object on the photosensitivity of the image sensor, so as to convert the image information of the object into electrical signals for subsequent processing and analysis. Industrial lenses can be divided into zoom lens, telecentric lens, fixed-focus lens and other types of lenses, different lenses are applicable to different scenes.



The role of the light source is mainly to provide uniform, bright light, so that the target object is easier to be detected. Different light sources can provide different nature of light, such as parallel light, point light source, bar light, etc. They have different applicability in different scenes.



Then point light source and telecentric lens what circumstances will be used together? This article will be specifically introduced.



1. Measurement and identification of object size and shape

Telecentric lens can ensure that in a certain range of object distance, the size of the object side of the field of view is proportional to the object distance, so you can accurately measure the size and shape of the object. At the same time, a point light source provides uniform illumination, making the surface of the object easier to detect. Using a telecentric lens in conjunction with a point light source creates a clear image on the surface of the object and accurately measures the size and shape of the object.



2. Detection and identification of tiny components

For detection and identification of small components, a point light source can provide enough light to make the surface of the object easier to detect. At the same time, telecentric lenses provide high-resolution and high-contrast images with excellent optical performance. Pairing a point light source with a telecentric lens can improve detection accuracy and efficiency in the inspection and identification of tiny components.



In industrial inspection, by choosing the right lens and light source, you can improve the accuracy and efficiency of inspection and achieve a smarter production process.



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