Do You Choose Domestic Or Imported Telecentric Industrial Lenses?




Telecentric industrial lens is a special lens whose main function is to provide high-precision images with the advantages of eliminating perspective errors, high stability, high resolution, etc. It is widely used in machine vision, precision measurement and other fields.



The selection of telecentric lens brand is very important in machine vision system, because different brands and models of telecentric lenses have different optical performance, mechanical accuracy, stability, reliability and other characteristics, which directly affect the performance and stability of machine vision system. So should we choose domestic or imported brands?



When choosing telecentric lenses, both domestic and imported lenses have their advantages and disadvantages, the specific choice depends on the application requirements and budget.



Imported telecentric lenses have a higher guarantee in terms of technology and quality. Head products are excellent in optical performance, mechanical precision and stability. But with the development of technology, domestic production and R & D capabilities continue to improve, the performance of domestic lenses are gradually approaching the imported lens. And domestic telecentric lenses usually have advantages in terms of cost performance and delivery time.



POMEAS is a domestic industrial lens manufacturer, its telecentric lenses are all designed and developed independently, with excellent optical performance, which can provide you with high-precision measurement, high-stability, high-resolution, adaptable and cost-effective solutions for a variety of machine vision application scenarios.



When choosing telecentric lenses, in addition to considering the brand factor, more should consider the optical performance, mechanical accuracy, stability and technical support, etc., in order to ensure the selection of suitable lenses to meet the application requirements. You can refer to the product specifications, actual application cases and customer reviews and other information to make a more appropriate choice.



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