Which Visual Light Source Can Be Used To Enhance Highly Variable Features?




In machine vision system, vision light source is an important part of the machine vision system, which needs to provide enough brightness to illuminate the object to be measured. A suitable light source can eliminate the effects of shadows and reflections, and improve the contrast and clarity of the image, so as to obtain more accurate measurement results. The choice of light source is therefore critical to image quality and measurement accuracy.



In some visual inspection occasions, the need to enhance the height of the changing features, the light source of so many kinds, which visual light source can be used for the height of the changing features of the enhancement? This article is specifically introduced.



In the machine vision system, ring light source, point light source, strip light source and coaxial light source can be used to enhance the height change characteristics. However, their respective characteristics and application scenarios are different.



1. Ring light source: Ring light source can provide uniform illumination effect, reduce the impact of shadows and reflections, and improve the contrast and clarity of the image. It is suitable for various types of machine vision applications, especially when the effects of shadows and reflections need to be eliminated.



2. Point light source: Point light source can produce strong light, so as to eliminate the effect of shadows and reflections, suitable for high-speed and high-precision machine vision applications, especially for the need of high-brightness illumination.



3. Strip light source: Strip light source can provide a large area of illumination, suitable for the size of the product surface illumination, can enhance the surface height change characteristics.



4. Coaxial light source: coaxial light source can provide the same light with the camera axis, suitable for uniform illumination of the object surface.



When choosing a light source, you also need to consider the size, shape, material and inspection requirements of the object and other factors to ensure that the right type of light source to enhance the height change characteristics.



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