Line Scan Industrial Lens Application Of Battery Solder Joint Inspection




The quality of the battery welding joints determines the safety, performance and battery life, if there are defects such as poor welding, it may cause the use of failure, causing serious safety accidents. Therefore, timely detection and correction of defects in battery welding joints is an important part of new energy battery production.



As a core supplier of machine vision and industrial automation products, Pomeas can provide industrial lenses, industrial cameras, vision light sources and other core devices and complete vision solutions for new energy battery weld joint inspection.



Detection needs:

Identify defects such as false soldering, desoldering, contaminants, uneven solder joints, etc.



Detection programme:

1.Lens with Pomeas line scan industrial lens;

2. Camera with Pomeas HD CCD industrial camera;

3. Use Pomeas vision light source.



Core accessories introduction:


Line scan industrial lens is a high-speed, high-resolution image acquisition equipment, commonly used in industrial inspection, quality control and other fields. In the new energy battery welded joint inspection, the line scan lens can scan the surface of the battery welded joint, obtain high quality image data, so as to analyse and evaluate the quality of the welded joint.



The application of line scanning lens can quickly collect and process a large amount of data, quickly identify a variety of defects on the surface of the welded joints, such as bubbles, cracks, unwelded, etc., and at the same time, large-scale detection can be achieved. Effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of welded joint inspection.



In the new energy battery welded joint inspection, the line scanning lens can be used not only for real-time inspection on the production line, but also for quality control and R & D process of welded joint analysis and improvement. The combination of line scanning lens and other technologies, such as computer vision and deep learning, can also provide a higher level of analysis and optimisation solutions for welded joint inspection.



In conclusion, line scan lenses have a wide range of applications in new energy battery welded joint inspection, which can help manufacturers to improve product quality and production efficiency.



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