Image Gauge Application: Dimensional Measurement of Precision Medical Components




    Medical equipment and instruments are indispensable in the medical industry and are products that are directly applied to the human body, which is related to the health and life safety of patients, therefore its use must ensure precision. Medical equipment consists of many precision parts and components, the quality of which directly affects the use of medical equipment and devices, for the size measurement of precision medical parts, is a key factor in ensuring the performance and reliability of the equipment.



    Equipped with dual telecentric industrial lenses and high-precision industrial cameras, POMEAS IMAGE3 series image measuring instrument has a large field of view image size measurement technology, realising one-button automated measurement. The IMAGE3 series can effectively meet the requirements of customers for dimensional measurement accuracy and inspection efficiency.



    The POMEAS Image Gauge can be used to measure planar dimensions such as length, width, inner and outer diameters, true roundness, hole spacing, line spacing, and 3D dimensions such as segment difference, height, flatness, etc. of precision medical parts.



    Advantages of image measuring instruments:



    1. The image measuring instrument is easy to use, programmed to start measuring with a single keystroke, the process is simple and easy to understand.



    2. Put in the gesture recognition function, automatic detection after placing the workpiece, automatic start measurement, improve the measurement efficiency.



    3. According to the size of the workpiece can be free to choose the measuring range, to achieve high-precision rapid measurement and multi-product batch inspection.



    4. The IMAGE3 series has several models, in addition to the standard version of φ100, there is also a pro/plus version equipped with a mobile platform and a MAX version equipped with a point spectrum that can be used to measure 3D dimensions such as height/segmentation/flatness, etc., so that the user is free to choose according to his needs and configure his own personalisation.



    5. Measurement data are clear and intuitive, and reports can be saved for easy reference.

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