O-ring gasket size measurement programme




O-ring gasket is a widely used sealing material in industry, it is usually used to connect between two parts to prevent liquid or gas leakage.



Dimensional measurements of O-ring gaskets are critical to ensure sealing effectiveness. Inaccurate sizing will result in the gasket not fitting perfectly into the equipment interface, allowing liquid or gas to escape. In addition, oversizing or undersizing can affect the life of the O-ring gasket. Dimensional measurements are therefore critical to ensuring the performance and longevity of O-ring gaskets.



Measurement needs:

Measure the O-type gasket inner diameter, outer diameter, true roundness, thickness and other dimensions, automatically determine whether the product size is qualified.



Measurement programme:

With the POMEAS MAX Image Dimension Gauge, one-click flash measurement, large measuring range, batch and fast gasket size inspection.



Programme strengths:


1. Non-contact measurement: the gasket material is soft, POMEAS image measuring instrument measurement without contact, fully automatic operation, effectively avoid contact measurement caused by the deformation of the workpiece and data errors.



2.POMEAS MAX Image Measuring Instrument is equipped with a point spectrum sensor, which can not only measure flat dimensions such as ID and OD, but also 3D dimensions such as thickness, flatness, and segment difference.



3.High Accuracy: The measurement accuracy of POMEAS image measuring instrument is micron-level, which effectively ensures the accuracy of measurement.。



4.High efficiency: the image measuring machine can complete a large number of dimensional measurements in a short period of time, saving labour and time costs。

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