Connector Pin Flatness Inspection with Laser Profile Sensors




Connector is an important part of electronic equipment, can make two components connected, so that the current and signal transmission smoothly. Components are connected mainly through the connector pins, so the flatness of the connector pins can directly affect the stability and reliability of the connector.



If the flatness of the connector pins does not meet the standard requirements, it may lead to poor connection, signal interference, electrical performance degradation and other problems, and may even lead to equipment failure or damage. Therefore, the connector pin flatness test is an important step to ensure the normal operation and long-term stability of the equipment.



Detection needs:

Detect whether the connector pins are in the same plane and judge whether they meet the assembly requirements.



Detection programme:

Using a POMEAS laser profile sensor, a 3D image of the connector is quickly acquired and compared with a standard drawing to accurately and quickly identify the flatness of the pins.



Detecting effects:



Advantages of laser profile sensors:



1. High precision: the laser contour sensor can capture product shape, size, position and other information, with high precision 3D measurement capability, can achieve micron-level measurement accuracy.



2. Non-contact: Adopting non-contact measurement principle, it can avoid damage and pollution to the measured products.



3. Rapid measurement: with the advantage of rapid measurement, it can complete a large amount of data acquisition and processing in a very short period of time.



4. Wide range measurement: It can also measure larger objects to meet the measurement needs in different scenarios.



5. Automation application: it can be integrated with automated production line to realise automated measurement and inspection and improve production efficiency and quality.

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