Advantages of Spectral Confocal Sensors for Measuring Freeform Surfaces




Free-form surfaces are surfaces whose surface shapes cannot be continuously machined and which have the arbitrary characteristics of conventional machining and forming. Due to their improved features and new production methods, free-form components are increasingly used in optical, automotive, and electronic products. In order to ensure the overall quality of the products, they need to undergo strict appearance testing.




There are two methods of component appearance inspection: contact measurement and non-contact measurement. Contact surface measurement may produce scratches and reduce the quality of parts, so non-contact measurement is more suitable for surface inspection of free components.



The Spectral Confocal Sensor is a "point" type high resolution ultra-high accuracy non-contact sensor. Spectral Confocal Sensors can be used to measure free-form surfaces with high accuracy in a simple operation. The advantages are mainly in the following three areas:



1. high accuracy: since the measurement process is contactless, there is no damage to the components, and the errors that can occur in contact measurement are avoided;



2. fast measurement speed: the measurement speed can reach hundreds of points per second, and at the same time can monitor the change of surface shape in real time;



3. practicality: spectral confocal sensors can be applied to different types of free-form surface elements, including aspherical surfaces, free-form prisms, and so on.




With the advantages of non-contact, high accuracy and high sensitivity, POMEAS spectral confocal sensors have a wide range of applications not only in the measurement of free-form elements, but also as important tools in both industrial parts manufacturing and inspection.

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