Which tool can be used to check the dimensions of the magnetic tile chord length and thickness?




In industrial production, size inspection is a very important part. For tiles and other small parts, the size of its size on the performance and quality of the product has a great impact on the precise measurement of tile length, thickness and other dimensions of the need to use professional tools for testing, the market a variety of testing tools, the choice of what kind of tools can be high-speed and high-precision to complete the task of measuring it?



IMAGE3 Image Dimension Measuring Instrument is a high-precision dimensional inspection equipment widely used in industrial production. For small parts such as magnetic tiles, the use of optical lenses and industrial cameras to capture product images can clearly present the shape of the object for accurate measurement of dimensions.



In addition to measuring dimensions such as the chord length and thickness of magnetic tiles, the image measuring instrument can also simultaneously and quickly detect dimensions such as angle, radian and shaft length. The image measuring instrument has the following advantages in the measurement of tile dimensions:



1. The image measuring instrument has high-precision measurement capability, with a measurement accuracy of ±2μm, which is more accurate than traditional measurement methods.




2. Automated operation, no need for human intervention, to avoid the influence of human factors on the measurement results.




3. Fast measuring speed, large measuring range, can simultaneously complete a number of magnetic tile parts chord length, thickness, angle and other dimensions of the inspection, effectively improve production efficiency.




4. Data visualisation, input tolerance, automatically determine the tile size qualified or not, convenient for users to intuitively understand the size parameters, effectively reduce the rate of misjudgment, improve the accuracy of measurement.



The application of image measuring instrument in the dimensional measurement of magnetic tile parts can not only improve the measurement accuracy and production efficiency, but also reduce the labour cost and misjudgement rate, which is a very practical measurement tool.

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