Fully automatic image measuring instrument applications of PCB workpiece size inspection




    With the continuous progress of technology, PCB board has become one of the basic components in electronic products. It is a kind of support and circuit carrier used to realise the interconnection of electronic components. With the continuous updating and improvement of electronic products, the shape and size measurement of PCB boards become more and more complicated.The dimensional accuracy of PCB boards directly affects the performance and stability of electronic products. Therefore, accurate dimensional measurement is essential to ensure the quality and reliability of PCB boards.



    Measurement needs:


    Detects PCB board dimensions such as length, width, margin, aperture and hole spacing.



    Measurement programme:


    Fully automated image measuring machines (flash measuring machines) are machine vision technology-based measurement systems that can be used to achieve fast and accurate dimensional measurements. Compared to traditional measurement methods, fully automatic image measuring instruments (flash measuring instruments) have the following advantages in PCB board dimensional measurement:



    1. non-contact measurement: fully automatic image measuring instrument (flash measuring instrument) using non-contact measurement methods, without contact with the workpiece to complete the measurement, thus avoiding the traditional contact measurement methods on the workpiece damage and measurement accuracy errors.



    2. High-precision measurement: fully automatic image measuring instrument (flash meter) equipped with high-resolution industrial cameras and dual telecentric industrial lenses, low-distortion, high-resolution imaging, can achieve micron-level precision measurement, compared with the traditional measurement methods, the data is more accurate.



    3. automated measurement: fully automatic image measuring instrument (flash measuring instrument) using automated measurement technology, one-button automatic measurement, the measurement process is simple and efficient, and can reduce the error brought about by manual operation, improve measurement efficiency and accuracy.



    Detection effect diagram:




    Fully automatic image measuring instrument (flash measuring instrument) in the PCB workpiece size measurement has very obvious advantages and application value. Through non-contact measurement, high-precision measurement, automated measurement and other functions, you can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of PCB board size measurement, to protect the quality and performance of products.

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