Battery Module Busbar Post Weld Defect Detection Solution




Busbar welding is an important part of the power battery module line assembly process, and its quality will directly affect the stability of the battery cell series connection and the safety of the power battery. If the welding quality is not up to standard, it may lead to battery performance degradation, charging and discharging efficiency reduction, and in serious cases, it may also cause safety problems. Therefore, it is very necessary to test the battery module Busbar after welding.



Detection needs:


Check the appearance of the connecting piece and carry out tests for false soldering, leakage of soldering, flatness of soldering joints, and fried soldering.





In the past, busbar inspection is usually based on 2D inspection technology, but the traditional 2D machine inspection has large fluctuation in imaging effect, and cannot accurately extract the contour of the weld seam. Therefore, POMEAS has added 3D high-precision visual inspection technology into the visual inspection solution, equipped with POMEAS line laser displacement sensors, which can improve the stability of the measurement of the module busbar size and the detection of defects to ensure the quality of the module.



Functional Requirements:


POMEAS line laser displacement sensor is fixedly mounted on the module, the product arrives at the scanning position, dynamic scanning, moving 10 times to scan the Busbar piece of 1 Pack, to carry out the detection of false soldering, leakage of soldering, soldering joints flat, fried soldering.




With the advantages of high-precision measurement, height detection and non-contact measurement, POMEAS line laser displacement sensors play an important role in 3D inspection and can be used in the fields of precise measurement, object recognition, quality control and reverse engineering.


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