Vision Solutions|Character Recognition Positioning Inspection for Household Products




Detection needs:


Detects and identifies whether there are defects in the packaging characters of daily necessities such as shower gel, shampoo, etc., such as missing sprayed characters, misprinted characters, and omitted characters.



Detection programme:


POMEAS vision inspection solutions are based on deep learning algorithms to quickly and accurately detect and locate characters on packaging of daily necessities.


1. Lens using POMEAS fixed focus industrial lens;


2. Matching with POMEAS Gigabit network industrial camera;


3. Using strip light source*2 and POMEAS character recognition inspection system.



Programme presentation:



Core Accessory Advantages:


1.POMEAS fixed focus industrial lens features high depth of field and wide field of view angle, which can capture more character information in one shot.


2.High sensitivity industrial camera can quickly acquire high definition character images for real-time product monitoring and accurate analysis.


3.POMEAS bar light source can provide uniform and bright light effect. It also features long life and high stability, which can ensure stable operation for a long time.



POMEAS vision inspection solutions offer efficient, accurate and highly adaptable character recognition and positioning inspection for daily necessities. By using this solution, manufacturers can quickly and accurately detect the character information on the packaging of daily necessities to ensure product quality and improve production efficiency.

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