Line laser displacement sensor application of battery PACK deformation & flatness, etc.




Detection needs:


Detecting the centre distance of the lifting holes on both sides, detecting the flatness of the lifting holes, detecting the presence or absence of the holes for the rivet nut screws, and detecting the breakage difference between the left and right frames and the rear side beams, the middle end plate, and the front side beams at the joints.



Functional Requirements:


Camera installation mode: the upper camera is fixedly installed, the product on the institutional workstation reaches the scanning position, the upper camera dynamically scans, and the camera scans the electric core Pack, and carries out the deformation & flatness & segment difference detection.


Number of cameras: 1pcs


Scanning method: laser lines are scanned perpendicular to the product.


Product Size: L*W: 1500mm x 1000mm


Visual inspection accuracy: ±0.01mm





Detection of hole distance, flatness, height difference, etc. using a POMEAS laser profile sensor.


Programme strengths:


1. High-precision measurement: The line laser displacement sensor is capable of achieving micron-level measurement accuracy, which can accurately detect changes in the surface contour of the battery PACK to assess its deformation, flatness and segmental difference.


2. Non-contact measurement: The line laser displacement sensor adopts a non-contact measurement method, which does not produce any pressure or friction on the measured object, avoiding the measurement error caused by contact.


3. High-speed measurement: Line laser displacement sensors are capable of high-speed measurement, providing more accurate data for assessing their performance and reliability.

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