Automatic Image Measuring Instrument Application of 3C Hardware Size Measurement




With the continuous development of science and technology, a variety of new measurement techniques and equipment have emerged to provide higher measurement accuracy and production efficiency for various industries. Among them, POMEAS IMAGE3 series of automatic image measuring instruments can be widely used in various fields of dimensional measurement, such as mobile phone parts inspection, plastic parts inspection, 3C hardware measurement, etc..



3C hardware is widely used in daily life products, electronic products and other fields, and its dimensional accuracy directly affects the quality and performance of the product, so it needs to do a good job of precise dimensional measurement. Traditional measurement methods are not only inefficient, but also prone to errors. Adopting POMEAS IMAGE3 series automatic image measuring machine to measure the dimensions of 3C hardware has the following advantages:



1. High precision: Full-automatic image measuring instrument is based on image processing system, which can quickly and accurately obtain the geometrical size, shape, position and other parameters of the measured object, with high measuring precision, which can effectively avoid human error.



2. Automation: fully automatic image measuring instrument can automatically complete the measurement, recording, analysis and other tasks, greatly reducing the manual operation and improving production efficiency.



3. Multi-functional: Fully automatic image measuring instrument can not only measure the length, width, height and other basic dimensions, but also contour, flatness and other 3D dimensions measurement, to meet a variety of needs.



The POMEAS IMAGE3 fully automatic image measuring machine can complete the measurement of a large number of 3C hardware samples in a short period of time, which greatly improves the inspection efficiency. It is able to achieve micron-level precision measurement, which effectively ensures the accuracy of the measurement results and meets the high requirements for dimensional accuracy of 3C hardware. And the operation is simple and convenient, without complex settings to achieve rapid measurement. It is of great significance to improve the product quality and production efficiency of 3C hardware.

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