Automatic Image Measuring Instrument Application of Liquid Crystal Display Size Measurement




As an important component of modern electronic products, the dimensional accuracy of LCDs directly affects the overall performance and quality of the product. Accurate dimensional measurement can ensure the stability and reliability of the LCD display and improve the user experience of the product.




Detection needs:


Detect the full size of the LCD: length, width, thickness, silkscreen width, etc., and automatically determine whether the size meets the assembly requirements.



Detection programme:


POMEAS IMAGE3 Automatic Image Measuring Machine is a high-end intelligent measuring equipment with high accuracy, high speed, automation and multi-functionality, which is suitable for dimensional measurement in various fields.



The device offers the following advantages in LCD size measurement:



1. High accuracy: The measurement accuracy of Promise IMAGE3 can reach ±2μm, which can accurately obtain the dimensional parameters of the LCD display.



2. Elimination of human error: the use of this equipment for measurement, you can eliminate different people, different gauges and different measurement dimensions brought about by the error.



3. Automated batch measurement: With the auto-focus function and batch auto-detection capability, the Bumis IMAGE3 fully automatic image measuring instrument can complete batch size measurement quickly and accurately.



4. Multi-functional: In addition to basic dimensional measurement, the device can also achieve contour, angle, roundness and other complex geometric shapes, to meet the diverse inspection needs of the LCD screen.



5. Simple operation: the automatic image measuring instrument is easy to operate, one key automatic measurement, one key to generate test reports, data is simple and clear.



Measuring the size of an LCD screen with a POMEAS IMAGE3 automatic image measuring machine has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency and automation, which can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.

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