Lithium battery PACK line coating positioning solution




Lithium battery PACK line gluing secures the components inside the battery pack to prevent them from moving or loosening during transport or use. These components include battery cells, protection plates, connectors, etc. If these components become loose or move, it can lead to short circuits or other safety issues within the battery.



In addition, lithium battery PACK line gluing can improve the mechanical strength and vibration resistance of the battery, increasing the stability and life of the battery. Gluing positioning can also reduce vibration and noise inside the battery, improving the user experience. Therefore, the quality requirements for lithium battery PACK line gluing positioning are very high, need to ensure that the gluing position is accurate, the gluing amount is appropriate, and the gluing quality is stable and reliable.



Functional Requirements:

Judge the offset of the box by taking pictures of the Mark point of the box, guide the robot to compensate the position and complete the gluing work; after gluing and positioning, assist the glue shape detection station to check the glue distance.



As a professional supplier of machine vision sensors and solutions, POMEAS can provide a complete set of vision inspection solutions for Li-ion battery PACK line gluing and positioning.




1. 20 million colour gigabit network industrial camera;

2. Lens using POMEAS 20 megapixel 1.1" industrial lens;

3.With white ring vision light source from POMEAS;



Introduction to core accessories:


I. POMEAS Industrial Camera VP-CCN-200G25CSC


1. Gigabit Ethernet interface, high-speed transmission, no need for network repeater, maximum transmission distance up to 100m;

2. supports ISP functions such as sharpness, dryness reduction, gamma correction, black level correction;

3. high stability, in all scenes and colour temperatures can keep clear and sharp, true reproduction of the image screen.



II. POMEAS Industrial Lens VP-LPHM-1628M


1. supports 20 megapixel 1.1'' camera 

2. Has focus locking screw and aperture locking screw.

3. Low distortion and low distortion imaging.

4. Compact structural design and excellent optical performance.

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