Line laser displacement sensor application of lithium battery PACK line glue type detection




Li-ion battery PACK line tape shape does not meet the requirements, may lead to gaps inside the battery or uneven local pressure, thus affecting the performance and life of the battery. Therefore, it is very necessary to test the shape of lithium battery PACK line tape.



Detect functional requirements:


①The camera is mounted on the dispensing module, and adopts 3D line laser to scan the inner shell of the case while dispensing, detecting the width, spacing, position, length, intermittent, and gully of the glue strip, and has the function of guiding the robot to locate and make up for the glue when the broken glue NG is detected.


②Visual photo precision: ±1mm



Detection programme:


High-speed and high-precision inspection of glue patterns is accomplished with the use of a POMEAS Line Laser Displacement Sensor.



① Design specifications:


Sensor working distance: 288±105mm


Z-direction measuring range: ±105mm


Contour points: 1500


Laser line width: 96~194mm


X-direction resolution: 90~130um



② Configuration selection:


Camera type: POMEAS line laser displacement sensor;


Suggested installation height of the camera from the product to be measured surface is: 288±105mm adjustable;


Incoming material deviation of the mechanism must be less than 0.5mm;


Because the product is long (1160mm), the scanning axis must be guaranteed to be horizontal, and the modules must be tested before and after installation, and guaranteed to be within 0.02mm.



Programme strengths:


Line laser displacement sensor in the detection of lithium battery PACK line glue type with high precision, non-contact measurement, high-speed measurement, real-time monitoring and data analysis and other advantages, can improve the detection efficiency and accuracy, for lithium battery manufacturing process quality control to provide a strong guarantee.

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