Line scanning lens application of lithium battery PACK line module bottom blue film appearance inspe




The blue film at the bottom of the lithium battery PACK module is a protective layer, mainly used to prevent the battery from short-circuiting and protect the negative electrode of the battery. It can prevent the negative electrode of the battery from mechanical damage or chemical corrosion, and prolong the battery life. If there are appearance defects will affect the protective effect, leading to overheating of the battery and serious accidents, so so need to carry out strict visual inspection.



Detection needs:


Inspect the appearance of the blue film to determine if there are any defects such as tears, scratches, bubbles, cracks, etc.



Detection programme:


1. Camera using 4K line scan industrial camera;

2. Lens using POMEAS 4K line scan lens VP-LLD010-3528M;

3. With white linear vision light source.



Introduction to core accessories:



Lens using POMEAS 4K line scan lens VP-LLD010-3528M;

This 4K line scan lens from POMEAS supports up to φ32mm image plane, ultra-low distortion, anti-vibration design, and a base magnification covering 0.015~0.05X.





1. High-resolution optical design with a target size of ∅32mm

2. Compatible with 7 μm line array cameras;

3. High uniformity, low distortion, high resolution;

4. suitable for machine vision industry and automation industry.




POMEAS Programme Advantage:



1. High-precision inspection: The vision solution uses high-resolution cameras and industrial lenses to capture very small defects, such as bubbles, folds, scratches, foreign objects, etc.


2. Efficient inspection speed: The vision solution can quickly scan the blue film on the bottom of the cell for high-speed measurement and real-time inspection. This helps to improve production efficiency and reduce the time and cost of manual inspection.


3. High reliability: The vision inspection system can repeat the same inspection to provide consistent results. In addition, the system can automatically classify and record defects based on preset parameters, reducing human interference.


4. Visual report: The visual inspection system can generate a report of the inspection results in the form of images and data, which is convenient for users to have an intuitive and comprehensive understanding of the appearance of defects in the blue film on the bottom of the battery.

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