Features and uses of line scan industrial lenses




The line scan industrial lens is an industrial lens that can be applied to a variety of high-precision inspections. Line scan industrial lenses have a larger field of view than ordinary industrial lenses and can be adapted to a wider range of applications.



Features of line scan industrial lenses



1. High-resolution optical design: The high-resolution optical design of the line-scanning lens adopts high-quality lenses, advanced optical technology, complex optical correction technology and high-quality, stable light source, etc., in order to obtain high-definition image data and ensure the accuracy and reliability of the inspection results.



2. High uniformity: the line scanning lens adopts a special optical system design to ensure that the light is uniformly distributed during the scanning process of the lens and can be accurately focussed on the detected object.



3. Low distortion: The image captured by the lens has less shape and size error compared to the actual object, resulting in higher image quality. Accurately reflect the actual shape and size of the detected object.



Uses of line scan industrial lenses



1. High-speed production line inspection: Line scanning industrial lenses can be used in semiconductor production lines, electronic production lines and so on. In these production lines, products need to go through multiple processes, and each process needs to be inspected to ensure product quality. Line scan industrial lenses can quickly detect each process and provide accurate detection results to effectively control product quality.




2. High-precision measurement. Line scan industrial lens can be used for precision parts of high-precision size measurement, such as length, width, height, etc.. Through the use of line scanning industrial lenses, the accuracy of the measurement results can be significantly improved, because they can capture more pixel information, and can be processed and analysed more finely.




3. Surface defect detection. Line scan industrial lenses can be used for surface defect detection, such as metal surfaces, glass surfaces and so on. In these surfaces, there may be scratches, defects, colour differences and other problems. Line scan industrial lenses can quickly detect surface defects and complete identification quickly and efficiently.



With the continuous development of science and technology, the performance of line scan industrial lenses will continue to improve, and will be used in more fields in the future.

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