Guided vision solution for locking and positioning of screws on the top cover of the battery PACK ..




In the process of lithium battery production, the locking screws on the top cover of the battery PACK box need to be positioned and guided. Positioning guidance can ensure that the screws pass through the box cover and battery module smoothly and accurately, avoiding the screws from being deflected or screwed diagonally, and reducing the possibility of damage to the screws.



Detection needs:


Camera mounted on the six-axis robot to follow, go position respectively on the box to take pictures, through the filming of the PACK box 4 Mark holes for positioning, calculated the entire box tilt, using the robot trial school of the holes data, and then guide the robot to locate and hit the screws.





1. Use of a POMEAS 5 megapixel black and white CMOS industrial camera;

2. with a POMEAS 5 megapixel FA lens;

3. with blue ring visual light source;



Introduction to core accessories:

I. POMEAS Industrial Camera VP-CCN-050G15BSC


With lower power consumption and smaller size, 1000m bit/s stable transmission and compatible with 100Mbps network, low power consumption, low noise, high stability, in a variety of scenarios and colour temperatures can truly restore the image picture clear and sharp.



II.POMEAS 16mm Industrial Lens VP-LGH-1616M


1. supports 5 megapixel 1'' camera , focal length 16mm;

2. with focus locking screw and aperture locking screw;

3. Low aberration and low distortion imaging;

4. Compact design and excellent optical performance.



For high precision, high quality products such as batteries, positioning guidance is essential to ensure the performance and safety of the product. POMEAS screw positioning guidance solutions can effectively improve work efficiency and avoid repeated adjustments and attempts.

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