Remote control PCB board inspection vision program




In recent years, as consumers' demands for quality and performance of remote controls continue to increase, the design and production of PCB boards for remote controls have also been developing and advancing. However, if the size of the PCB board has deviation, it will affect the overall performance and quality of the remote control. Therefore, accurate measurement of the remote control PCB board dimensions is of great significance to improve the quality and performance of the remote control.



Test items:


Inspection of the remote control PCB board basic size, such as length and width, aperture, hole diameter and other measurements.



POMEAS is a professional machine vision sensor device and solution provider, for remote control PCB board size measurement, we can provide a complete set of vision solutions.



Matching program:


Using POMEAS MetX measurement software with a large-field-of-view quick-measurement kit (vision), multiple products can be inspected at the same time using a splicing measurement method that greatly improves efficiency when products are large in size and out of the field-of-view measurement range.



Program Strengths:


1.POMEAS 3D measurement software has high accuracy and efficiency measurement capability, which can realize accurate measurement of the remote control PCB board dimensions.


2. The measurement component can measure the PCB board in a large field of view, thus realizing a comprehensive and precise measurement of the whole PCB board.


3. The measurement accuracy is micron-level, which can realize the accurate detection of the remote control PCB board size.


4. The software has an intuitive visualization interface, which can clearly display the measurement results and facilitate data analysis by users.

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