Button Contour Measurement Program




In daily life, buttons are a very common clothing accessories, widely used in all kinds of clothing, bags, shoes and hats and other products. The quality and dimensional accuracy of buttons directly affect the appearance and usability of the products. Therefore, it is very necessary to test the contour degree and other dimensions of buttons.



Detection needs:


Measure the true roundness, surface contour, arc height and other dimensions of the buttons to determine whether they meet the requirements for use.



The traditional button contour inspection method requires manual operation, low measurement accuracy and low efficiency, which is difficult to meet the needs of modern mass production.



Detection Program:


Using POMEAS MetX 3D measurement software in combination with measurement components such as point spectroscopy, buttons can be measured with a high degree of accuracy in terms of contour, arc height and other dimensions.



Program Strengths:


1. The scanning method is to use self-developed point spectral sensor to realize XYZ three-axis linkage scanning, fitting the scanning track of the shape contour of the product. The scanning outline is more accurate. Higher degree of restoration.


2. Fast and convenient measurement: you only need to place the button on the measurement platform, click the measurement button, you can get the contour of the button to compare the data, the whole process only takes a few seconds.


3. High precision: POMEAS MetX 3D measurement software combined with point spectroscopy and other measurement components can measure the contour of the button with high precision, with a measurement accuracy of ±1μm.


4. Real-time recording of button measurement data and inspection results, allowing users to trace and track the data.

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