Metal workpiece curved surface contour inspection program




In the modern manufacturing industry, metal workpieces are used in a wide range of applications, such as automotive parts, aerospace parts, and machine parts. The quality and accuracy of these metal workpieces directly affect the performance and service life of the products. Therefore, it is essential to inspect the dimensions of metal workpieces.



In actual production, irregular workpieces such as arches will be encountered. The shape of arched workpieces is more complicated, and factors such as angle and curvature need to be taken into account when measuring, so the requirements for measuring accuracy are higher.



POMEAS MetX 3D Measurement Software is a powerful 3D measurement software that, in combination with measurement components such as point spectral sensors, can measure and analyze the 3D shape of an object with high precision. It can play an important role in checking the curved surface contour of arched workpieces.



Detection process:


1. Launch the POMEAS MetX 3D measurement software on the computer desktop;


2. Place the metal workpiece on the carrier table and use the exclusive fixture for clamping;


3. Select the start and end scanning position of the measured product on the software, click the start button, the point spectral sensor will carry out non-contact scanning measurement;


4. Analyze the profile curve obtained from scanning, compare it with the standard document to determine whether the data meets the requirements, and the measurement results can be outputted to the table for easy traceability.



Program Strengths:


1. High measurement accuracy: the point spectral sensor scans the arched arc surface with XYZ three-axis linkage accurately to get the point cloud value of the workpiece surface.


2. Fast measurement speed: it can complete a large number of measurement tasks in a short period of time, which helps to improve the inspection efficiency.


3. Simple operation: the software interface is easy to use, without too much specialized measurement knowledge and skills.


4. Strong data tracing ability: supports importing CAD models in various formats, free choice of alignment, fitting by coordinates or 3D, accurate comparison with the design model, view the specified point contour and output to the table.

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