Detection of surface defects




Problem Points: In the measurement of the product surface is often encountered due to processing errors, material defects or wear and tear in the process of use and other reasons, resulting in the surface of the product may exist unevenness; or the surface of the reflective properties of the surface are different, the use of different light sources or measurement angle may lead to the interference of the reflected light, affecting the accuracy of the results of the measurement.


A 3D Profile Measuring Instrument is an instrument used to measure the three-dimensional shape of an object's surface. It measures parameters such as height, width and depth of an object's surface and generates a three-dimensional image of the object's surface.



POMEAS 3D Profile Measuring Machine has a cantilevered structure, cast aluminum body, with a silent drive platform to ensure the accuracy and stability of the equipment;


Equipped with 6.5X zoom measurement module, it provides clearer imaging and sharper edges for fine products;


Equipped with homemade point spectrum module, it can measure 3D dimensions of products and realize continuous scanning and data collection without stopping, which is efficient and convenient;


Equipped with MetX vision measurement software, it can meet the GD&T shape and position tolerance and traditional 2D/3D dimension fast measurement.



POMEAS is committed to the manufacturing plant industrial vision inspection intelligence, can provide complete vision solutions and core accessories, if you have the corresponding needs, you can contact us.

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