Advantages of telecentric industrial lenses for AOI inspection




AOI is a method of automated inspection of products using machine vision technology, which is widely used in the fields of electronic assembly, automotive parts, food packaging, etc., to detect the appearance defects, dimensional accuracy and other issues of the product, so as to improve production efficiency and product quality.



In AOI inspection, the lens, as an important part of the imaging system, plays a vital role in the accuracy and reliability of the inspection results. The quality and performance of the lens directly affects key indicators such as image clarity, resolution and depth of field, which in turn affects the accuracy of the inspection results.



The telecentric industrial lens is a special industrial camera lens for high-precision and high-stability visual inspection systems. In AOI inspection, telecentric industrial lens has the following advantages:



1. High imaging quality: Farcentric industrial lenses use high-quality lenses and precise manufacturing process, which can realize high-definition and high-contrast imaging effect and provide more accurate image information.




2. Stable measurement results: Far Eastern industrial lenses have the same path of light, and by adjusting the position and angle of the lens, stable measurement results can be obtained. This stability is essential to ensure product quality and productivity.




3. Easy to adjust and maintain: The light path of telecentric industrial lenses is simple and easy to adjust and maintain. The best imaging results can be obtained through simple adjustments.




In AOI inspection, telecentric industrial lenses have the advantages of high image quality, low distortion and large depth of field. By choosing the right telecentric industrial lens, the accuracy and reliability of AOI inspection can be effectively improved, thus increasing productivity and product quality.

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