Advantages of telecentric lens cannon in the inspection of plastic parts




The large barrel of the telecentric lens has significant advantages in detecting plastic parts, mainly due to its unique optical design and performance characteristics.

1, high-precision measurement: due to the consistent magnification of the telecentric lens, making the measurement non-contact, which solves the problem of inaccurate measurement data caused by movement or deformation. When inspecting plastic parts, this high-precision measurement capability ensures accurate detection of the size, shape and other parameters of plastic parts, thus improving product quality and production efficiency.


2, high depth of field: large depth of field means that the lens can maintain a clear image in a wide range of working distance, which is particularly important for the detection of complex shapes or sizes of plastic parts.


3, clear imaging: clear imaging to ensure the accuracy of the test results, to help find the surface of the plastic parts of the small defects or flaws.


4, high stability and reduce noise interference: in the detection of plastic parts, these features help to ensure the stability and consistency of detection results, to avoid errors caused by environmental or equipment factors.


5, suitable for a variety of inspection scenarios and plastic parts types: whether it is mechanical parts measurement, glass and pharmaceutical containers measurement or electronic components measurement, the cannon barrel telecentric lens can play its unique advantages. This makes it have a wide range of application prospects in the field of plastic parts inspection.



POMEAS telecentric lenses have the advantages of high-precision measurement, large depth of field for clear imaging, high stability and reduced noise interference in the inspection of plastic parts, which together improve the accuracy and reliability of plastic parts inspection.

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