Specific applications of telecentric lenses - Cannonball in industrial automation




There are many specific application scenarios for telecentric lenses with a cannon barrel structure in industrial automation, and the following are some common examples:



1. Quality Inspection: Used to detect product defects, flaws, dimensional deviations, etc., to ensure that product quality meets standards.

2. Parts Measurement: to accurately measure the size, shape, position and other parameters of parts to ensure the accuracy and consistency of assembly.

3. logistics sorting: identify and classify different items to realize automated sorting and handling.

4. Robot vision guidance: help robots accurately identify and locate target objects for precise operation and handling.

5. Printed Circuit Board Inspection: Checking the installation and welding quality of components on circuit boards to improve production efficiency and quality.

6. food and pharmaceutical packaging inspection: to ensure the integrity of the packaging, the correctness of the labeling and the quality of the product.

7. Semiconductor manufacturing: for high precision visual inspection during wafer inspection, chip packaging, etc.

8. automotive manufacturing: for parts inspection, positioning and guidance on assembly lines, etc.

9. Fiber and textile inspection: to detect fiber diameter, texture and defects, as well as textile quality and color uniformity.

10. Electronic equipment manufacturing: for inspection of connectors, solder joints and other critical parts during the assembly and testing of electronic products.



The selection and configuration of telecentric lenses is also optimized for specific application conditions and measurement requirements. In practice, factors such as lens resolution, working distance, optical performance and compatibility with other equipment also need to be considered. If there are further questions about specific application scenarios or technical details, you can contact POMEAS, POMEAS is a vision technology as the core, integration of optics, control, algorithms and other technologies, focusing on the field of measurement systems, vision systems, optical systems, with customized solutions for customers.

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