What is a multisensor measurement system?




Multi-sensor measurement system is a system that utilizes optical, laser or photoelectric technology means to achieve accurate measurement of the shape, size and surface features of an object by measuring the three-dimensional coordinate information of the surface contour of the object. The system combines a variety of sensors, such as point spectra, line laser, line spectra and probes, and is capable of acquiring a wealth of measurement data, which are processed and analyzed by advanced algorithms to provide highly accurate and stable measurement results.



Multi-sensor measurement systems, such as the Metric series, utilize linear motor drives, allowing for faster and more accurate operation. Its moving bridge structure ensures the stability of measurement results at high speeds, further enhancing the reliability of measurement.



Moreover, the multi-sensor measurement system has the supporting MetX software system, which is easy to operate, accurate and stable edge gripping, with auto-focus, auto-dimming and other functions, which can greatly improve the work efficiency and reduce the difficulty of measurement, and the MetX software system can be flexibly switched according to the needs of different functional modules, such as contour detection, visual inspection, etc., to meet the needs of a variety of complex measurements.



Multi-sensor measurement system can be widely used in various industrial fields, such as precision parts inspection, PCB circuit board inspection, surface defects inspection, etc.. Through its powerful measurement functions and efficient and stable performance, this measurement system provides important technical support for industrial manufacturing and promotes the continuous development of industrial manufacturing technology.

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