MetX Measurement System from the POMEAS Metric Series




The MetX software system in the POMEAS multi-sensor measurement system Metric series is the core component of the series, which integrates a variety of advanced vision measurement algorithms and technologies to provide users with a set of efficient, stable and easy-to-use measurement solutions.



The main features of MetX software system are reflected in the following aspects:



Powerful data processing capability: The MetX software system is able to receive raw data from different sensors and process and analyze it through a series of complex algorithms. Whether it is point spectrum, line laser, line spectrum or probe measurement sensors, MetX can effectively integrate their data and extract key measurement information. At the same time, the system also has the function of automatic data saving, which can store the measurement results into the industrial control machine in real time and support the output of Excel, HTML and other formats of reports, which is convenient for users to manage and analyze the data.



Simple operation interface: The software interface design is simple and clear, and the function modules are clearly divided, so that users can quickly get started and efficiently complete the measurement tasks. At the same time, MetX also provides a wealth of parameter setting options and customization functions, users can flexibly adjust the measurement parameters and processes according to specific needs, to meet the measurement needs of different industries and fields.

Intelligent Measurement: It supports a variety of function modules such as Contour 3D, Vision Measurement, Probe Measurement, etc. Users can choose the right module for measurement according to their needs. During the measurement process, MetX can automatically plan the measurement path, automatic edge finding and positioning, which greatly improves the measurement efficiency. Meanwhile, the software also provides a variety of auxiliary tools, such as element slide function, light source adjustment function, etc., which is convenient for users to carry out accurate measurement and debugging.


Stability and Reliability: It adopts advanced algorithms and calibration technology, which can ensure the accuracy and consistency of measurement results. Meanwhile, the software system also has strong anti-interference ability and error processing ability, which can run stably in complex working environment and effectively deal with various abnormal situations.



With its powerful data processing capability, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, intelligent measurement process management, as well as a high degree of stability and reliability, the MetX software system in the Metric series of multisensor measurement systems from POMEAS provides an efficient, accurate and reliable solution for industrial vision measurement. In other industrial measurement scenarios, such as precision parts inspection and PCB inspection, the MetX software system can play an outstanding performance and bring users an excellent measurement experience.

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