Measuring Sensors of the POMEAS Metric Series




As the core sensing element of the system, the measurement sensors of the Metric series of multisensor measurement systems from POMEAS provide powerful technical support in the field of industrial measurement with their high accuracy, high stability and versatility.


Measurement Accuracy: Whether it is a sensor type such as point spectrum, line laser, line spectrum or probe, they are rigorously designed and calibrated to ensure that they provide accurate measurement data in a variety of complex environments. This enables the Metric series of measurement systems to be used in measurement scenarios where accuracy is critical, such as precision parts inspection, semiconductor manufacturing and more.



Stability: Through the use of advanced materials and processes, as well as optimized structural design, the sensor is able to maintain stable performance over a long period of continuous operation. At the same time, the sensors also have anti-interference ability, can effectively resist the influence of external environmental factors on the measurement results, to ensure the reliability of measurement data.


Versatility: They can not only perform basic tasks such as size measurement and shape detection, but also advanced functions such as surface quality inspection and color recognition. This enables the system to be applied to a wider range of measurement needs and meet the application scenarios of different industries and fields.


Data analysis and processing: The data collected by the sensor can be transferred to the MetX software system in real time for processing and analysis, realizing fast and accurate output of measurement results. Users can also set and calibrate the parameters of the sensor through the software system to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the measurement results.


POMEAS offers a wide selection of measurement sensor types and specifications to meet the individual needs of different users. Users can choose the right sensor type and specification according to the specific measurement task and application scenario to realize the best measurement results.


POMEAS Multi-sensor Measurement System Metric series of measurement sensors provide powerful technical support and solutions in the field of industrial measurement with their high accuracy, high stability, versatility and tight integration with software systems. Whether in the field of precision manufacturing, quality inspection or automated production, these measurement sensors can play an excellent performance to help users realize efficient and accurate measurement tasks.

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