The three main features of the POMEAS Metric Series




POMEAS multi-sensor measurement system Metric series is an industrial vision measurement solution that combines high accuracy, high stability and high efficiency. The system has three unique features: advanced MetX software system, precise measurement sensors, and accurate motion control, which show excellent performance and wide application prospects in the industrial measurement field.



Multi-sensor fusion technology

The Metric series uses multi-sensor fusion technology to effectively integrate data from multiple sensors (e.g., laser displacement sensors, vision cameras, etc.) to achieve multi-dimensional measurements. This technology can fully utilize the advantages of various sensors and make up for the shortcomings of a single sensor in measurement, thus improving the accuracy and reliability of measurement.



Highly Accurate Measuring Capability

The Metric series is equipped with high-precision measurement capabilities to meet the measurement needs of a wide range of complex workpieces. Through the use of advanced algorithms and calibration techniques, the system is able to achieve micron or even nanometer measurement accuracy, providing accurate data to support industrial production.



Flexibility and Scalability

The Metric series is highly flexible and expandable, and can be customized and configured according to user needs. Whether it is sensor type, measurement range or system architecture, it can be adjusted and expanded according to actual application scenarios to meet the measurement needs of different industries and fields.



With its three unique features, advanced MetX measurement system, precise measurement sensors, and accurate motion control, the Metric series of multisensor measurement systems from POMEAS provides an efficient, reliable, and accurate solution for industrial measurement. In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of application scenarios, the Metric series will show its strong application potential in more fields.

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