Advantages of coaxial zoom lenses




Coaxial zoom lenses are ideal for a wide range of industries due to the advantages offered by their coaxial design, wide range of zoom capabilities, increased efficiency, stability and reliability, and wide range of applications.



1. Advantages brought by coaxial design:


Light uniformity: The coaxial design ensures that the illumination light and observation light share the same optical axis, thus eliminating shadows and reflections and making the image clearer and more uniform.

High definition: Due to the consistency of the optical axis, the coaxial zoom lens is able to capture finer details, improving the resolution and clarity of the image.


2, A wide range of zoom ability:


Adapt to different sizes of objects: The coaxial zoom lens can easily cope with objects of different sizes and distances, and by adjusting the focal length, it can realize accurate observation of tiny to large objects.

CONTINUOUS ZOOMING: Compared with fixed focal length lenses, coaxial zoom lenses provide a smoother and more continuous zooming process, making observation and shooting more flexible.



3. Improve work efficiency:


Fast positioning and grasping: In the field of automation and robotics, the fast zoom and precise positioning function of the coaxial zoom lens enables robots to quickly capture and handle target objects, thus improving productivity.

Simplify the operation process: Since the realization of its zoom function does not require frequent lens replacement or camera position adjustment, it can simplify the operation process and reduce operation time.



4. Stability and reliability:


Mechanical Stability: The precision mechanical structure of the coaxial zoom lens ensures its stability over long periods of time and reduces performance degradation due to mechanical wear and tear.

Stable optical performance: Through optimized design and precision manufacturing, the coaxial zoom lens is able to maintain stable optical performance under various environmental conditions.



5. Wide range of applications:


Industrial Inspection: For inspection of tiny parts, dimensional measurement and quality control, etc.

Automation and Robotics: Provide high precision and high speed image processing capability for vision system of robots.

Scientific research: for observing and analyzing the structure of the microscopic world in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology.


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