Structure and working principle of coaxial zoom lens




The structure and working principle of a coaxial zoom lens are key parts in the field of optics, and together they determine the performance and application range of the lens. It is mainly composed of lens, zoom mechanism, diaphragm and aperture, filter.


Coaxial zoom lens is mainly composed of the following key parts:



1. barrel: the barrel is the main structure of the lens, usually contains a number of lens groups, used to achieve light focusing and zoom function. These lens groups are arranged according to a specific optical design to optimize image quality and zoom performance.


2. Zoom mechanism: The zoom mechanism is the core part of a coaxial zoom lens, which allows the user to adjust the focal length of the lens as needed to change the magnification of the object being observed or photographed. The zoom mechanism usually consists of a sophisticated mechanical system for controlling the relative position of the lens groups.


3. Diaphragm and Aperture: The diaphragm is used to limit the amount of light passing through the lens to minimize stray light and halo effects. The aperture is used to adjust the amount of light passing through the lens to accommodate different lighting conditions.


4. Filters: Some coaxial zoom lenses are also equipped with filters to filter out specific wavelengths of light to enhance image contrast and sharpness.



The working principle of coaxial zoom lenses is based on optical imaging principles and zoom mechanisms. When light passes through the lens, it undergoes refraction and focusing action by the lens group, eventually forming a clear image on the image plane.



During the zoom process, the zoom mechanism changes the focal length of the lens by changing the relative position between the lens groups. This change results in a change in the focusing position of the light on the image plane, which in turn changes the magnification of the image. By continuously adjusting the zoom mechanism, the user can achieve a smooth zoom effect to suit different observation or shooting needs.



The coaxial design of the coaxial zoom lens is unique. This design allows the illumination light and observation light to share the same optical axis, thus ensuring uniformity of illumination and accuracy of observation. This feature makes the coaxial zoom lens has a wide range of applications in many fields, such as industrial inspection, automation, electronic communication, biomedical and scientific research.



The structure and working principle of coaxial zoom lenses reflect the mastery and ingenuity of optical technology, through the continuous optimization of design and enhancement of manufacturing process.



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