Difference between Laser Displacement Sensor and Laser Ranging Sensor






What is the difference between laser displacement sensor and laser ranging sensor? What are their principles? Customers often come to consult the relevant issues, Xiaobian collected the principles and differences of the two, so that we can understand the difference between laser displacement sensor and laser range sensor.



Principle of Laser Displacement Sensor

Laser displacement sensor is based on the principle of laser triangulation. Laser displacement sensor can make use of the characteristics of laser, such as high directivity, high monochromaticity and high brightness, to realize non-contact long-distance measurement. Laser displacement sensor is a new measuring instrument made of these advantages of laser.





The laser emitter shoots visible red laser onto the surface of the object through the lens. The laser reflected by the object passes through the lens of the receiver and is accepted by the internal linear CCD camera. According to different distances, the linear CCD camera can "see" the light spot at different angles. According to the distance between the laser and the camera known from this angle, the digital signal processor can calculate the distance between the sensor and the measured object.



Principle of Laser Ranging Sensor

The laser rangefinder emits a very fine laser beam to the target when it works. The laser beam reflected by the target is received by the photoelectric element. The time from the launch to the reception of the laser beam is measured by the timer, and the distance from the observer to the target is calculated.

Laser sensors must measure transmission time extremely accurately, because the speed of light is too fast. To distinguish the time of 3ps, this is too high a requirement for electronic technology, and the cost of implementation is relatively high.


The difference between laser displacement sensor and laser ranging sensor is as follows:

One: Different measuring principles

Laser displacement sensor is based on the principle of laser triangulation; laser ranging sensor is based on the flying time of the laser, calculating the time when the laser is reflected back to the surface of the object to calculate the distance.



2. Different fields of application

Laser displacement sensor is mainly used to measure displacement, flatness, thickness, vibration, distance and diameter of the object.


Laser ranging sensors are mainly used in vehicle flow monitoring, illegal pedestrian monitoring, laser ranging and obstacle avoidance in new areas such as UAV, UAV, automatic driving, etc.







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