PCB Board Components Visual Inspection System Program





(A) program background

As the precision of electronic products, so in the production process of the various processes are interlocking, then we must ensure that the quality of each process. Such as printed circuit board PCB design process including the schematic design, electronic components database login, design preparation, block, electronic components, configuration confirmation, wiring and final inspection. In the course of the process, no matter which process found a problem, must return to the previous operation, re-confirmed or amended.




(B) PCB board components visual detection system configuration

  POMEAS megapixel industrial lens PMS-7528M

  Pomeas Gigabit Ethernet interface 5 million pixel CCD industrial camera

  The Pomeas ring light source

  IPC: I5CPU 4G memory

  A Machine Vision Inspection Software System Based on POMEAS Developed Independently




(C) test content

Detection of PCB characters on the board and the lack of positive and negative, whether the capacitor, the resistance of the extreme anti.



(D) detection principle

Using Pomeas visual inspection software for detection, this software can be secondary development, according to customer needs to edit their own testing. Through the qualified products to establish the standard template of each plate, and set the appropriate parameters, each detection box can be detected at the same time, each test results and template similarity, and ultimately determine whether the product qualified.







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