Detection Scheme of the Instrument Panel Appearance




An important part of the vehicle dashboard and control panel is the tiedan, a plastic sheet with a speedometer and tachometer scale mark.  Each tiedan must be accurately positioned and accurately trimmed, or the vibration generated when the vehicle is moving will move the tiedan so that the speed and number of revolutions cannot be displayed correctly.




To ensure accurate assembly validation, adopting advanced visual solutions:New high performance in - sight micro to meet the required inspection speed. In - sight micro, with a volume of only 30 mm x 30 mm x 60 mm, can not only successfully check the pointer alignment of the speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and thermometer on each instrument panel, but also adapt to common space constraints in many production devices. Each production line has two cameras installed, and the led point light source is fixed next to the camera. The powerful vision processing method ensures that each part can be positioned correctly.



Working effect :

Each work piece is manually loaded by the operator, and then removed after completed check.  The results are viewed in the PC monitor.  If any failure is found, the system prints a trouble ticket to notify the operator.  All results are sent to the factory CIM system for performance monitoring.  Once the operator presses the " reject to accept" button, all defective artifacts are manually removed from the equipment.  Since the system operation, the normal working rate has reached more than 99 %.



Application field

 Automotive parts assembly, surface film, surface quality detection.







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