Automatic Detection Scheme for Steel Side Plate Welds





The two sides of the steel side plate are made up of two parts, which are assembled by laser welding.  Defects appear near the weld, and some of these defects are smaller than 0.3 mm along the weld beads that is not easy to find. If these holes are not checked at the end of the production line or are not removed, cracks may occur in the molding process, and if these failures are not checked prior to the vehicle assembly, the final result may be sent to the scrap yard.  The vision system can be used for reliable welding inspection, and the failure parts can be identified quickly and can be removed at the end of the stamping production line.




The system adopts the machine vision automation camera, high angle ring light to fight light.  Combining the whole vision system with the linear motion mechanism, the entire weld area is scanned, and the high precision step - by - step detection for each weld area is carried out, and the weld area of 100c * 3 cm can be detected every minute.



Working effect :

Since the system operation, the normal working rate is more than 99.3 %, the detection efficiency is 80.  The detection system has achieved good work effect in the welding process of the car body, eliminated the product misjudgment due to the visual fatigue of the production workers, and greatly reduced the labor intensity of the production workers and improved the reliability of production.



Application Field :

Product surface quality inspection, welding quality inspection.







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