Double Magnification Telecentric Lens Apply into Full Size Detection Solution on Mobile Phone Screen






The arrival of each era from 2G to 5G has provided consumers with all kinds of benefits brought by the new generation of communication technology, and also brought new opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. In recent years, With the rapid development of China's social economy, people's consumption has been gradually upgraded and their requirements for the quality of life have been constantly improved. Consumers seek after first-class quality products, meanwhile, they have more desire to pursuit of product iteration, innovation and upgrading. Since the beginning of image digitization, optical lens has been closely linked with the electronics industry and the Internet industry, and has also ushered in a period of rapid development of optical lens. The rapid development of the electronics industry has put forward unprecedented requirements for optical lenses. In the machine vision industry, customers' customized development and rapid response requirements have brought great challenges to optical lenses.


   As the difference between smart phone production technology is getting smaller and smaller, consumers have higher and higher requirements on the appearance and quality of products. While mobile phone screen is one of the very important indicators to mobile phone quality. In order to ensure mobile phone screen to meet the qualified production standards, we produce this solution. The main purpose of this solution is to provide a mobile phone component full inspection solution, which can effectively solve the size detection of mobile phone screen, size detection of silkscreen printed glass , telephone receiver detection, size detection of infrared induction window. To meet the technical challenges in full-size telephone screen detection which is customer facing to, The POMEAS vision detection application team developed this mobile phone screen size detection solution which is adopted double magnification lens, which perfectly supported the full-size detection mode. 



Project Requirement



● Small magnification Large FOV is required to detect screen glass size, like its total length, total width, inside length, inside width and other large dimensions

● Big magnification small FOV is required to detect small dimensions, like the length and width of telephone receiver, the length and width of infrared induction window, position accuracy.

● Do full dimension inspection on product require quick measuring speed.  



Project Challenge



● As the product large and small size difference is big, only use single magnification will not compatible with all.

● Its maximum FOV is too small and measuring time is too long, although traditional imager can switch magnification to do detection. Therefore, the traditional imager is not suit for full dimension detection.   



Solution Case



● Resolution 1200W, monochrome 1 inch, CCD digital camera

● For lens used in this case, adopt the 0.16X/0.7X high precision double magnification bi-telecentric lens which is independently researched and developed by POMEAS  

● Match 100mm green parallel bottom light source which is independently researched and developed by POMEAS, in order to effectively guarantee the parallelism of the optical system.



Case Demonstration





Introduction to core components:



⑴ POMEAS high definition CCD camera
 With lower power and smaller dimension, 1000m bit/s stable transmission is compatible with 100 MB network. Low power consumption, low noise, high stability, clear and colored image can be provided in all kind of color temperature and situation. It can be real restore image and maintain clear and sharp under various scenarios and color temperature.




⑵POMEAS high precision double magnification bi-telecentric lens: PMS-LDTC-016/07-120 

Lens Parameter




● With Double magnification, double port, bi-telecentric optical path design. With feature of deep DOF, high resolution and low distortion.

● Support c-mount camera with sensor size as 1〞        

● With large Filed of View and high resolution design which enable to complete the defect detection and dimension detection of large work pieces at one time

● Can maintain mechanical stability under vibration environment





⑶ Telecentric parallel bottom light source. (Green)

There are infrared parallel bottom illumination, green parallel bottom illumination, blue parallel bottom illumination, white parallel bottom illumination. In this case, we adopt green parallel bottom illumination. The parallel bottom illumination is specially designed for telecentric lens back lighting. Compared with the ordinary diffuse reflection light source, the parallel bottom light source can improve the sharpness and contrast of the edge contour of the product, eliminate the boundary effect, and realize the natural depth of field and telecentricity of the telecentric lens to the maximum extent.





Case Demonstration:



Actual image for small magnification size detection on big size product 


Actual image for big magnification size detection on sensor holes 




Application Advantage in this case



● Compact structure, automatic detection can be realized by combining with the platform.

● With successful cases, POMEAS supplys one-stop purchase of vision lens and components!

● We POMEAS supply technical support and even welcome customers all over the world take the lens and the solution to do door-to-door test sample in our company. We also have free trial service!



With our core technology supporting, POMEAS has been committed to support over 1000 customers in over 30 countries to assist them to improve their Comprehensive competitive power to become a leader in industry.






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