Quick Vision Measurement System (IMAGE 3)Application --Mobile Phone Middle Frame Size Inspection




The mobile phone middle frame is the main support structure of a mobile phone, responsible for protecting the screen and back of the phone and carrying various components. With the increasing functions and changing form factor of mobile phones, the measurement of the shape and size of the mobile phone middle frame is becoming more and more complicated. The dimensional accuracy of the mobile phone middle frame directly affects the overall performance and stability of the mobile phone, so accurate dimensional measurement is crucial to ensure the quality of the mobile phone.


Measurement requirements:

Inspection of the length, angle, aperture, margin and other dimensions of the mobile phone's middle frame, and automatic judgement of whether it meets the assembly requirements.




Measurement solutions:

Quick Vision Measurement System is a dimensional measurement system based on machine vision technology that enables fast and accurate measurement of the dimensions of mobile phone middle frames. Quick Vision Measurement System measuring machines offer the following advantages in the dimensional measurement of mobile phone middle frames:


1. High-precision Measurement: The measurement accuracy of the Quick Vision Measurement System is micron-level, which is more accurate than traditional measurement methods.

2.Automated Measurement: The Quick Vision Measurement System adopts automated measurement technology, which is activated by a single button, measures automatically and generates measurement results automatically.  Improve measurement efficiency and accuracy.

3.Multi-functional Measurement: The Quick Vision Measurement System can achieve a variety of measurement functions, such as length, angle, roundness, aperture, etc., which is suitable for the measurement of different types of mobile phone middle frames.


Inspection effect diagram:




Quick Vision Measurement System has very obvious advantages and application value in mobile phone middle frame size measurement. Through non-contact measurement, high-precision measurement, automated measurement and other functions, can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of mobile phone middle frame size measurement, to protect the overall performance and quality of mobile phones.



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