Review of the Grand Event of POMEAS 2018 Shanghai Optical Expo







March 14, 2018, is the eighth year of POMEAS participation in the Vision China Expo. As an advanced technology enterprise in China's machine vision industry, Prismatic Optics has accumulated a large number of loyal users at home and abroad all the way. Every exhibition is like a parade. We hope to show you the latest, most practical and comprehensive visual technology.



On the stage of Shanghai Light Expo, POMEAS fully demonstrated the intelligent visual inspection system, artificial intelligence solutions and visual measurement products.




Artificial intelligence technology is the ultimate hot technology in the next 10 years. The series of products of artificial intelligence testing introduced by POMEAS can replace manual work by machines, realize automatic testing, greatly improve the efficiency of testing, reduce labor costs, realize intelligent manufacturing of enterprises, reduce production costs, thus greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.




After eight years of experience, POMEAS has become a trusted professional partner of users.

Through continuous accumulation and precipitation, POMEAS has become a professional partner of many intelligent manufacturing enterprises. He has really used visual technology to promote the overall upgrading of China's smart manufacturing and industrial 4.0. Help customers achieve the dream of intelligent manufacturing!


Autofocus Video Microscope (AFVM) has attracted much attention.


What advantages does Smith have when he can go to this day?

1. Independent R&D

Over the past decade, the R&D and testing team of optical systems has made breakthroughs in a large number of application projects and continuously innovated core technologies.


2. Rich product line

Hundreds of different types of machine vision products meet the needs of most industrial field applications, including zoom lens series, telecentric lens series, measuring instruments series are the first domestic superior products.


3. Customization with High Quality and Efficiency

With complete optical system solution output, customization ability, rapid proofing test, efficient delivery, to address the special needs of customers.



Customers are learning about laser profilometer



At present, POMEAS has branches or offices in Dongguan (headquarters), Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hunan and other places. Its products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions overseas.



In 2018, we still hope to help more enterprises embark on the road of automation and intelligent manufacturing, so that our users will be more successful!








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