Advantages of one-button image measuring instruments




POMEAS one-button image measuring instrument is composed of a large field of view double telecentric lens, a visual light source, a high-pixel industrial camera, and a precision vision processing system. It can be used in production and manufacturing, and has a very stable use effect. It has greater advantages than traditional size measuring instruments.



The existing problems of traditional size measuring instruments:


1. Low measurement efficiency: workpiece positioning, origin positioning, etc. consume man-hours; manual measurement, limited energy, and heavy workload for statistical summary of measurement data;


2. There are errors in measurement: different lighting methods or light lead to different measurement results; different workpiece positions lead to different measurement results; different operating methods of operators will also lead to different measurement results;


3. The operation steps are cumbersome: the operator has a long learning cycle; virtual point and virtual line measurement is time-consuming and labor-intensive.



The advantages of one-button image measuring instrument:


1. The measurement speed is very fast, and the drawing, measurement and tolerance evaluation of less than 100 dimensions can be completed within 2~5s. The efficiency is dozens of times that of traditional size measuring instruments.


2. Avoid the Abbe error caused by the increase of the measuring stroke. The repeated measurement accuracy is high, and the poor consistency of the repeated measurement data of the same product is solved.


3. The instrument has a simple structure, no displacement ruler, grating ruler, and no need to move the worktable during the measurement process, so the stability of the instrument is very good.


4. The imaging quality is stable and will not be affected by temperature and humidity. The accuracy of the instrument is relatively stable, and the measurement accuracy can be automatically calibrated by the software.



The IMAGE3 series one-button image measuring instrument is suitable for mobile phones, hardware, electronics, machinery and other fields. 



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