How to choose an image measuring instrument?




In recent years, the development of industrial automation has made manufacturers more and more strict on the quality of products, and it is necessary to realize batch, online, and multi-dimensional dimensional measurement to control product manufacturing parameters in real time. With the development and application of machine vision technology, image measuring instruments, as one of the important instruments in optical metrology instruments, play an increasingly important role in dimension measurement, which will further promote the development of optical metrology instruments. 



At present, there are many brands of image measuring instruments on the market, and many users will be troubled by how to choose the most suitable product. Pumis will introduce some points that need to be understood in the selection of image measuring instruments, which can be used as a reference.



1. Work schedule


First of all, you need to know the size of the workpiece to be measured, and choose the appropriate working stroke of the imager according to your needs.



2. Accuracy standard


Refer to the accuracy of the products that the factory needs to measure to buy. If the measurement accuracy of the factory products is not high, you can choose the instruments of the general manufacturers. If the accuracy of the products to be measured is high, you need to purchase the accuracy Related instruments produced by high manufacturers.



3. Instrument function


Learn about the ease of use of the image measuring instrument, the ease of use of measurement software, and the stability of the instrument, and choose self-developed software for better compatibility and upgrade speed.



4. After-sale service


When choosing a brand with guaranteed after-sales, the selection of image measuring instruments must be comprehensively considered from the configuration, accuracy, stability, price, after-sales service or convenience of maintenance. Primus has perfect after-sales service and provides free technical training. And on-site guidance, communicate with customers regularly, provide the latest solution suggestions, and continue to serve customers.



POMEAS  IMAGE3 series image measuring instrument can realize automatic online dimension measurement and provide customers with a one-stop solution, which is very suitable for dimension inspection in mobile phone, glass, hardware, electronics, automobile and other industries.



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