Three advantages of one-button image measuring instruments




In industrial manufacturing, in order to determine whether the product quality is qualified, after the product is processed, it is necessary to conduct quality inspection on the product, including defect identification and dimensional parameter detection. The traditional size inspection is to use tools such as calipers and projectors. With the advancement of technology, one-button measuring instruments gradually replace traditional inspection methods and become a new measurement solution.



POMEAS IMAGE3 series one-button image measuring instrument adopts self-developed and produced double telecentric optical lens with high-resolution industrial camera, combined with high-precision image analysis algorithm, and incorporates the principle of one-button flash measurement. Just press the start button, the instrument can automatically locate the measurement object, measure the evaluation, and generate the report according to the shape of the workpiece, and truly realize one-button fast and accurate measurement.



Three advantages of one-button image measuring instrument:



1. High measurement efficiency

The POMEAS image measuring instrument does not require complex programming. It is only necessary to establish a template when measuring the first workpiece. After measuring the same workpiece, just press the one-button measurement button to obtain the two-dimensional size parameters of the workpiece. Batch measurement can measure 100 parts in 1 second, which greatly improves the work. efficiency!



2. High measurement accuracy

The measurement accuracy of POMEAS one-button image measuring instrument is about ±2μm, up to 1μm, which can fully meet the requirements of manufacturers for accuracy.



3. The instrument is small in size

The POMEAS image measuring instrument has a desktop structure, small size, and convenient transportation. It can be transported to the workshop production line at any time for line edge size detection, saving time, labor and space.



POMEAS IMAGE3 series image measuring instruments are easy to operate and have high detection efficiency, and are suitable for electronics, hardware, mobile phones, plastics, semiconductors, glass and other fields.



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