One-click image measuring instrument application of mobile phone back cover size measurement




market background:     


At present, smart phones have been fully popularized, and mobile phones are not only communication tools, but also decorations in daily life. Therefore, people have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of mobile phones, which makes the requirements for the fineness and aesthetics of mobile phones also increase. During the production and assembly of mobile phones, visual inspection of all links should be done, including the size measurement of the back cover.



The size measurement requirements of the back cover of the mobile phone:


Automatically locate mobile phone back cover products, and realize comprehensive and precise measurement of related dimensions such as radian, R angle, length and width, and automatically determine whether they meet the standard requirements.



Measurement difficulties and solutions:


The traditional measurement of the size of the back cover of mobile phones is mainly performed manually with calipers. This detection method has a slow measurement speed, low work efficiency, and the measurement accuracy is easily affected by subjective factors, which cannot meet the requirements of modern production testing.



The Pomeas IMAGE3 series one-button image measuring instrument is a fully automatic size measurement device. It is equipped with a double telecentric optical lens independently developed and produced by Purmis, and combined with high-precision image analysis algorithms, it can easily realize the full inspection of product dimensions.



Use the Pomeas image measuring instrument to detect the size of the back cover of the mobile phone, just place the product on the stage arbitrarily, and the device will automatically recognize and measure. Only one click of the measurement button is needed to realize the full inspection of relevant parameters, and the measurement time can be completed in a few seconds, which greatly improves the measurement efficiency. The operation interface of the Pomeas one-button image measuring instrument is simple and easy to understand, which can be used quickly. It has a simple and compact structure, and can be easily transported to the production line to realize the measurement of the line edge size. It has been widely used in mobile phone accessories manufacturers.



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