The difference between a flash tester and a video camera




The flash tester, also known as a one-button measuring instrument, is a fast size measuring instrument that has emerged in recent years. The flash tester can meet the requirements of high-speed, convenient and accurate measurement, which makes the manufacturing industry develop rapidly today, the automation level of production is continuously improved, and the production efficiency is also higher than traditional production. What is the difference between the flash tester and the traditional imager?



1. Measuring efficiency



The flash tester has an automatic identification function, and the position of the product can be placed at will. After placing it, only one key is needed, and the measurement can be completed within a few seconds. It can measure hundreds of positions per second, and the measurement efficiency is high.



The imager needs to accurately position the workpiece before measurement, and also needs a fixture to cooperate, and if the measurement position is more, the programming and operation time will be longer, so the measurement efficiency is much lower than that of the flash tester.



2. Operational requirements



The flash tester is a fully automatic measurement with low technical requirements for operators. Different operators can obtain the same test results, and the repeated measurement accuracy is high. The repeated measurement accuracy of the same product can maintain a high degree of consistency.



The operation of the imager is complicated, the technical requirements for personnel are high, and the operating habits such as focusing and lighting will affect the measurement results, which may easily lead to differences in the measurement results.



3. Data report



The flash tester automatically saves the measurement results, has an automatic evaluation system, and can automatically determine OK/NG by inputting parameters such as errors, and can export the test result report with just one key.



Traditional imagers are cumbersome in terms of data storage and application management. The measurement results need to be managed separately through a computer, and the test result report needs to be produced by itself, which is more time-consuming and labor-intensive.



Compared with the traditional imager, the flash tester can improve the detection efficiency several times, which means that the same number of workpieces requires less testing equipment, thereby reducing the investment in equipment and labor, which can effectively reduce the cost.



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