Features and Applications of Telecentric Industrial Lenses




The telecentric industrial lens is an optical lens with excellent performance. It is designed to correct the parallax of traditional lenses. It can make the magnification of the obtained image not change within a certain object distance range, and the captured image is not as large as near or far. Why does the telecentric industrial lens have such a performance? It is necessary to understand the characteristics and applications of the telecentric industrial lens in detail.



Features of telecentric industrial lenses



1. There is no parallax in the captured image: In machine vision applications, when a non-telecentric lens is shooting an object, the depth feature will affect the plane feature with the size of the depth. The telecentric optical path design of the telecentric lens can ensure that imaging will not occur. Parallax is generated, and the imaging effect is the effect of the product's overhead projection.



2. Large depth of field: The telecentric lens has a large depth of field, and products within the field of view can get clear images no matter how they are adjusted.



3. Fixed optical magnification: For a lens with an imaging object that is infinitely far away, within the depth of field, different object distances will have different magnifications, and a visual effect of "closer and farther" will appear during the shooting process. . Telecentric lenses have a fixed magnification that directly avoids this problem.



Application of telecentric industrial lens



1. Mobile phone screen size detection


When using an ordinary industrial lens to shoot the overall picture of the mobile phone screen, the resolution is not enough, and an effective image that can distinguish the situation of each pixel cannot be obtained. When using a bi-telecentric lens and a high-resolution line scan camera to shoot the mobile phone screen, the resolution is high, which can effectively solve the problem of mobile phone screen detection and improve the efficiency of industrial production.



2. LED core board detection


POMEAS telecentric lens is based on telecentric optical path design, ultra-low distortion imaging, aperture can also be adjusted, depth of field and resolution can be flexibly adjusted according to needs, to meet the requirements of compatible detection transformer characters and pins, LED core boards and other products of different sizes. Defect and size inspection needs.



3. Seal profile detection


The cross section of the sealing ring itself is cylindrical. Using a lens with a small depth of field, it is difficult to achieve clear focus, the image is not clear, and the image measurement accuracy. The lens will be tested and corrected for distortion before leaving the factory. Even if the feature points are at the edge of the field of view, the distortion rate of the image can be controlled within a small range.



POMEAS telecentric industrial lenses can meet the needs of users in high-precision testing such as watch glass measurement, hardware parts measurement, glass and plastic parts measurement, and electronic component measurement.



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