How to measure watch glass size?




Watches are one of the commonly used accessories in people's life, which can enhance the overall temperament, and more importantly, can quickly understand and master the time, and make people have a strong sense of time in daily life. The manufacturing process of watches belongs to precision manufacturing. There are many raw materials needed to manufacture watches, and there are high requirements on the performance, surface condition and dimensional accuracy of the materials.



Among them, the watch glass is used to protect the surface of the watch, preventing dust from entering the interior and causing wear and tear. The most important thing when assembling the watch glass is that the inner diameter and outer diameter should be closely fitted. In order to ensure the perfect size, it needs to be precisely measured. 


The traditional detection method is to use tools such as calipers for manual detection. This method is easily affected by artificial subjective, there will be certain errors, and the data is not accurate enough. In addition, the efficiency of manual detection is low, and it is not suitable for large-scale detection.



In order to improve the level of industrial automation and improve the quality of watch glass, Pomeas IMAGE3 series image measuring instruments can be used for testing, which can greatly reduce the cost of quality control and comprehensively improve the competitiveness of enterprises while meeting various needs.



The Pomeas image measuring instrument is equipped with a large-field depth-of-field lens independently developed by Pomeas, which can accurately measure the size within the depth of field. The position of the product can be placed arbitrarily, the position to be measured is automatically identified, and it is equipped with an auto-focus function, which will not affect the measurement results due to the different position of the product. The Pomeas image measuring instrument has a large field of view, and can measure multiple products at the same time, and detect the size of watch glass in batches. And the operation interface is simple and easy to learn, without complex training. Can be used in electronics, hardware, molds, mobile phones, watches, machinery and other fields.



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