Keyboard defect detection for industrial telecentric lens applications




Telecentric lens is a high-end industrial lens that can correct the parallax of traditional industrial lenses and has excellent imaging quality. It is often used in high-precision dimensional measurement and defect detection, such as the detection of notebook computer keyboard defects.



With the development of the era of intelligence, all walks of life have gradually begun to transform and upgrade to intelligence. In the industrial manufacturing of notebook computers, enterprises have also introduced intelligent visual inspection equipment to replace traditional manual inspection to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. The visual inspection of notebook computers includes multiple items, among which the keyboard can play the function of human-computer interaction, and the quality of the keyboard will also affect the overall quality of the notebook computer, so the keyboard inspection is more detailed.


Keyboard defect detection requirements:



Detect whether the keyboard has defects such as key dislocation, inversion, incomplete key printing, missing characters, blurring, stains, and flying ink.



Detection scheme configuration:



1. The lens uses the Pomeas high-definition industrial telecentric lens;



2. The camera uses a Pomeas 10 million pixel color industrial camera;



3. With a variety of combined light sources and precise online detection system.



Features of the detection scheme:



1. Pomeas  industrial telecentric lens has the characteristics of large depth of field and high resolution, which can accurately identify subtle defects, solve the problem of manual missed detection and misjudgment, and improve the accuracy of detection.



2. The system can realize online detection, instead of manual labor, the detection speed is fast, and it can be detected continuously for 24 hours, which effectively improves the detection efficiency.



Pomeas Optics is a core product supplier of machine vision and industrial automation. Its products include zoom lenses, FA lenses, one-button measuring instruments, industrial telecentric lenses, etc. Pomeas has been established for more than ten years and has rich market experience. Among them The industrial telecentric lens can meet the needs of the majority of users in the measurement of mechanical parts, the measurement of plastic parts, the measurement of glass products and medical parts, and the measurement of electronic components.



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