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Screws are mainly used to connect two workpieces together, and are indispensable connection fasteners in industrial production. The quality of screws directly affects the assembly accuracy and safety performance of industrial equipment.



When manufacturing screws, screws are divided into various categories, each of which corresponds to a specification and model. With the specification and model, the customer's needs can be determined. Therefore, the production standards for screws are very strict. In order to determine the screw Compliance with usage standards requires precise quality inspection, including dimensional measurements.



The traditional screw size measurement is to use tools such as micrometers and calipers, which are measured by professional quality personnel. Due to the subjective influence of the measurement, it is necessary to take the average value after multiple measurements. This measurement method has high technical requirements for the measurement personnel. The results are susceptible to manual influence, and only one product can be measured at a time, which is inefficient and cannot meet the needs of today's efficient industrial production.



The POMEAS IMAGE3 image measuring instrument combines the telecentric imaging system with the intelligent image recognition system, which can make the complicated measurement tasks quicker, and is suitable for screw size detection. It can solve the problems of low efficiency and large errors in traditional manual detection, and greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of detection.



POMEAS IMAGE3 image measuring instrument is easy to operate, just place the screw on the stage, press a button, all sizes of the screw can be measured instantly, and the obtained data is also very accurate, without repeated measurement and inspection, and can be placed Batch testing of multiple products does not require high technical requirements for operators, and can be started with simple training.



POMEAS IMAGE3 image measuring instrument is widely used, such as mobile phone, glass, injection molding, connectors, terminals, stamping parts, PCB circuit boards, tools, clocks and other industries dimensional inspection.



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